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A CRM can help build an active network which keeps updated with all the parties along with making various procedures, namely admission, fee payment, etc. that is much easier
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Team with Vision

We are team Vedansh, we are team with a vision, a shared vision. We believe not just in connectivity, but a connectivity that's centered around humans. We work with 3 ideals at our company; integrity, customer smile and excellence. We try and achieve all the 3 in each and every one of the projects that we do at Vedansh Infoway Pvt. Ltd.-Team Vedansh Infoway Pvt. Ltd.

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A leap forward

The globe has seen the information boom over past decade. We believe now it's the time to take a leap forward. It's not just about information, but also about how users gain information and connect ubiquitously to anyone, anywhere. We believe internet at the fingertips of users. No matter where they are, they will always be able to retain the information that is needed.

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Paradigm Shift

At Vedansh Infoway Pvt. Ltd., we are highly motivated individuals who are out here to create paradigm shift in how the internet is perceived in today's world. We believe not just in development, but in marrying novel ideas with development. And at Vedansh, we have already started taking this step ahead to be the leaders in creating web 3.0. – Team Vedansh Infoway Pvt. Ltd.

Quality Standards

Robust, scalable and fully secure web development services.

High Performance

Highly experienced development team with the right project management methodologies.

Web design & development

E-commerce, product catalogs, shopping carts and payment gateway integration.

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Any Higher Education Institution is built on various interweaved networks. It becomes pretty tedious while interacting with the prospective students, current students, alumni, staff as well as the parents and rest of the administration department. A CRM can help build an active network which keeps updated with all the parties along with making various procedures, namely admission, fee payment, etc. that much easier.

Enquiry Management

All the enquiries can be stored under enquiry management, which helps in getting all the information about the students.

Followup Management

It can track the potential students by maintaining a record of the interactions with the students. So, more effort can be put into recruiting them instead of wasting time with students who are not interested.

Enrollment Management

Complete data of enrolled students are stored in enrollment module, which helps in tracking the number of students enrolled from enquiries.

Generate Reports

It is possible to save the details as required in a .pdf form and generate MIS reports. This can help track the performances of students along with staff as required.

Import Export Data

Import and Export of data is possible, which makes it easy to transfer data from third party sources and saves a lot of time.

Store Documents

Enrolled students documents can be stored such as CV, photo etc.

Track Leads Sources

One can monitor the interests of students by analysing the number of queries and can help in developing effective programs and courses for the students.

Completely Customizable

Any institute can customize the application according to their requirement.


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SaaS - Software as a Service

SaaS applications are web based software and you just need an internet connection.

Highly Secured

Due to SSL certificates being implemented on almost all URLs, the data is always encrypted whenever requested online..

Access from anywhere

VIPL CRM is hosted on the cloud, you can access this app anywhere, anytime

Very Simple To Use!

VIPL CRM is user friendly. It is a simple and easy to use web application.